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PDA MANUFACTURING BG Ltd. proposes partial or full package services as follows:

1. Receipt your enquiry and ensure full understanding of technical requirements
2. Source out adequate suppliers from our data base
3. Offer detailed opportunities available for your choice
4. Issue enquiry documents to the appropriate potential suppliers
5. Progressing suppliers for prices
6. Establishing completion date for response to you
7. Checking supplier quotation against enquiry requirements
8. Issue quotation to you
9. Consult your expectations satisfaction
10. Improve the offer conditions if/where necessary/possible
11. Receive and check order against requirements details prior to issuing for processing
12. Production planning and control
13. Production monitoring
14. Progress control & provide progress status reports
15. Control production technology process
16. Quality Control
17. Process payment(s) for BG supplier in line terms.
18. Arrangement of transport and delivery control
19. Organise meeting and visits with supplier for audit and assistance
20. Import / Export control and administration
21. Accountancy and Financial control
22. Reception and Administration support